simple Lefkadian pleasuers

“Paradise can not be found – it is to be discovered and sought for”, a Greek philosopher once quoted in ancient times. In correspondence to this remark, the travel to Lefkada equals the adventure of discovering a virgin paradise.

In order to reach Mira Resort, your choice of destination located in the northwest of Greece, various means of transport are of your choice, some of them adventurous kinds explaining why mass tourism so far was not given a chance to find its way to this enchanted island.

Choose various airlines and departure airports, available to travellers arriving at nearby Preveza Airport in 18 km distance from Lefkada, or at other major destination airports in Greece.

Entrance to Greece, Igoumenitsa Port lets you travel by means of your own vehicle. Cross the ancient channel of Lefkada over a small bridge, connecting the island’s exotic lagoon with Greece’s mainland.