simple Lefkadian pleasuers


Visit Boschetto Lounge Caffè, a division of Mira Resort, and experience quality service brought to you by familiar faces in downtown Lefkada.

A neo classical building, spectacularly situated at the waterfront of the island’s capital, evokes memories of the island’s past.

The elegant interior, exquisite décor and furnishing influenced by minimal-style, invites to comfortably spent leisure time over beverages or snacks.

Pop in for breakfast in the morning, light lunch at noon, a cool refreshment or enjoy open-air and in-house wining in the evening.

In the evening hours, Boschetto Lounge Caffè transforms into a romantic and stylish caffè-bar where aperitifs, soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, fruit cocktails, a variety of appetizers and, especially, the excellent Mediterranean Salads are served.