simple Lefkadian pleasuers

Mira Resort is located advantageously for residents setting off for an excursion to the idyllic landmarks of the island, still uniquely and originally preserved.

Stroll on the streets of vivid and cosmopolitan Lefkada Town, capital of the island, visit the picturesque fishing village of Agios Nikitas – both easily reached within minutes from Mira Resort.

The scenic drive along the west coast of Lefkada presents the eye with magnificent images of majestic

white cliffs rising vertically from the grounds of the deep Ionian Sea.

Take a day trip to extensive Vassiliki Bay in the south of Lefkada or experience tradition on the inland and the mountainous scenery of Karya.

Experience a different world at the sight of the Pringiponissia, a group of several islets on the east coast of the island.